Selling People, Not a Process

An out of the box approach to sales...actually caring about the business your're selling, as much as they do, combined with servants heart leadership practices.This is about education through the sales process. Believe me, you're not doing these things!


Thursday Dec 19, 2019

This is the final episode for 2019.   Thank you for a great first year!!!!  Please go share if you like what you hear.   This is about 2020, setting, executing, and achieving your goals.   Go get it!!!!!!

Tuesday Dec 03, 2019

An exciting new mold stain remover that EVERY restoration company should have on their truck.  Say hello to Avenger Formula!!!!

Friday Nov 08, 2019

Doing effective, no cost, emergency preparedness plans for commercial structures are a valuable relationship building tool that differentiates you from the competition.   It's an investment in the success of their structure, business continuity planning tool, training tool, and proves you care as much about their business as they do.   This is especially true in the public school systems.   Here's a 30,000 foot view of plans, how to present, and what's involved.

Tuesday Nov 05, 2019

What's missing from your revenue stream?  Would you like to add an additional $1m - $2m in revenue?  Listen to this joint podcast with myself and Sean Michael Lewis talk about the power of adding Esporta to your operations.

Wednesday Oct 23, 2019

My special guest, and mentor, Gil L'Hommedieu, owner and founder of DriRite and Netclaims Now, has over 37 years of revolutionary, ground-breaking, and innovative restoration experience.   His insight to putting the client first and being the advocate for the insured is not inspirational, but an integral component to how a restoration company CAN and SHOULD operate.    

Wednesday Oct 16, 2019

What you say is what you believe...but what if choose to believe what you believe?   30 day challenge...regardless of your circumstances...speak positives over your goals, routes, sales, and outcomes.    See if it doesn't make a difference.

Wednesday Oct 02, 2019

Live, at The Experience Cleaning and Restoration Trade Show in Las Vegas.  This is Dan Flanders with PrePlan Live, giving an overview of the most state of the art Emergency Preparedness planning system available today!!!!

Friday Sep 27, 2019

We have Hunter, from a company called Mold Zero.   We were doing podcasts live from Check One Studios at the restoration and cleaning convention, called The Experience, at Paris hotel in Las Vegas, NV.

Thursday Jul 25, 2019

Special Guest - Sean Michael Lewis from The Niche Experience.   Continuation of Developing A Servant's Heart series.   Have a heart change, not a head change in sales.

Restoration Hire

Thursday Jul 18, 2019

Thursday Jul 18, 2019

Why Restoration Hire should be your one stop for hiring in the restoration industry!

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